Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest

With dinner tonight (Paired with turkeyburgers, baked potato, & salad). I had a new Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale. This is a new addition to their series of beers that they brew with fresh hops. I'm a big fan of the Chico Estate Harvest. While their other two Harvest beers are brewed with wet hops, the hops in this beer are picked in New Zealand, immediately dried, then flown to the brewery in less than a week. Hops used are fresh Pacific Hallertau, New Zealand Motueka and New Zealand Southern Cross hops.

Upon pouring the beer you are greeted with a pleasant citrus aroma, though not to strong. Thick yellowish foam, and a very nice caramel color. A real clear, colorful looking beer. At first taste you definitely taste sweet malt and can really taste the hops. Mouthfeel seemed a bit thin however, and the aftertaste I would say may be a bit astringent if not too bitter. Not too sure I like the hops used in this beer

All things considered, I think I'm maybe a bit disappointed with this one. Maybe I just got spoiled with the wet hops in the Chico Estate Harvest Ale which I'd say is one of my favorite beers. This one just really didn't seem to compare. I'm wondering if it should really be considered a fresh hop beer if the hops are dried and then flown around the world? Perhaps it's a function of the hop shortage? Find hops wherever you can - then use it as a marketing tool? Good idea probably - it got me to buy a couple bottles.

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