Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Samples & Sam Adams Contest

OK, sorry to those of you who I said I would have some samples of my new Porter out to last week. I have slacked off and didn't send them out yet. They are coming I swear.

In other news, Samuel Adams is holding their 2007 LongShot American Homebrew contest and I am going to submit one or two entries. If mine gets chosen as a winner, they will brew and distribute it with other winners in different categories.

Friday, February 2, 2007

The Land of Smithwick's, Guinness, & Jameson!!!

So the wheels have been set in motion for Erika and I to travel with some old friends to Dublin!! The band James is reuniting after 6 years in hiatus and are playing their opening night in Dublin on my birthday. Thank God and my employer for airline miles - I'll likely be using all my accumulated miles to make the trip.

You know what a trip to Ireland means - great beer. We visited the Guinness Brewery and Jameson Whiskey last time we were in Dublin in 2004. Hoping to go to the Smithwick's brewery in Kilkenny this time around as well as some pubs I'm sure. If anyone happens to read this and has any suggestions please share.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Easy Labels

Much Thanks to my sister for a tip on how to do easy labels. And they're eco-friendly too! It seems there is a protein in milk that acts as an adhesive. So, for an easy label, just print out a label on your inkjet and then brush a bit of milk on the back of the label and stick onto the bottle. As it dries it glues to the bottle. Here is a picture of a couple bottles of my Sumatra Porter I just bottled. Brewed with Sumatra Coffee.