Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My New Kegerator

Last week I finally put the homemade kegerator together just in time for poker night.  I already had the fridge in the garage from my bachelor days.  I won't go into detail about how to do it step-by-step, but here's a good tutorial by blogger bsbrewing. 

A couple months ago I started kegging with 5 gallon cornelius kegs bought on ebay.  For dispensing, I use a 5lb aluminum CO2 tank with dual regulators.  Up to now I had been using the picnic taps, which worked fine, but they dripped a bit in the fridge after every pour.  So I decided it was about time to step up to some real faucets. 

My setup includes two Perlick stainless forward seal faucets, with 5 1/8 inch stainless shanks.  I really didn't need shanks that long, but figured if I ever use the faucets anywhere else, I'll be set.  Then last week I happened to be up in Northern California, so I picked up a couple Sierra Nevada tap handles. (Pale and Porter) I got the short ones so there is enough clearance for the freezer door and the taps can close all the way.  Here's the photos of my rig:

I have a very understanding wife!!!

What's wrong with this picture?  
One dry line.  I better get brewing!!!
My new Sierra taps, with my labels 
above to know what's really pouring.


James said...

Very nice. Although my fridge is different than yours, the two keg dual regulator setup inside it is quite similar to what you have.


Christine said...

You should get chalkboard taps so you can write what's pouring on them and just erase it when the kegs change.


Kegerator looks great though! Good job!

Karlis said...

James - nice job on your kegerator. I like the expansion potential!

Christine - I thought about those chalkboard taps, they are a good idea. But I have horrible handwriting and always hated writing on the chalkboard in elementary school!