Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First Post

Hello and welcome to my beerblog. I've just recently started brewing my own beer and thought it would be fun to share some experiences and tips. Also to receive advice from those of you out there who have more brewing experience. And I will also have some posts from different breweries, pubs, and beers I've tried throughout some of my travels. (Recently just took a trip to London and Belgium and had some great beers.)

So far I have brewed a clone of FAT TIRE. I bought the ingredients from a local brewshop. It was an extract kit with some specialty grains provided. All in all, it was a decent first attempt. The beer had a nice amber color, perhaps a bit darker than a Fat Tire. It also seemed to lack a bit of character or complexity, but that may be because I just couldn't wait to drink it and didn't let it age long enough!

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Marc said...

wow...! a blog about bear :)